Andrew Geoghegan – precision-designed chic

Since 1998 Andrew Geoghegan has been garnering a reputation for pieces that unify sometimes seemingly contradictory elements – angular facets and soft curves, warm shades and metallic coldness. Unity is an ever-present theme and inspiration; of people and personalities as much as gems, precious metals, iridescent colour and striking form.

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There have been plenty of awards and accolades, including the British Jewellery Association’s 2014 Designer of the Year Award, and Editor’s Choice at International Jewellery London 2015 – as well as an ever-growing following of celebrities and personalities including Pippa Middleton.

The spirit and ambition of each creation is to enhance and illuminate beauty, never to eclipse it; to complement and invigorate it. Andrew Geoghegan makes jewellery for you to make your own – a quietly striking addition, your own work of art.

Rings from the Chocolate Box collection are a miniature piece of cubist art – each setting a trio of sublime stones in a marriage of order and chaos, for a bright splash of bohemian beauty; a perfectly orderly frame of pristine diamonds holds still the frenzy of vibrant colour that is each collection of glittering, brilliant-cut precious stones.